Razmjena: LC Istanbul Rocks - LC Istanbul

Deadline: 09.02.2020

Razmjena: LC Istanbul Rocks - LC Istanbul

Deadline: 09.02.2020

Ako ste raspoloženi za nešto dužu žurku i druženja, a uz to ćete moći da kao pravi turisti posjetite grad na dva kontinenta, onda je razmjena u Istanbul idealna opcija za vas. LC Istanbul Rocks će biti održana od 14. do 21. marta ove godine, a prijave su otvorene do 09. februara


Organizing Committee: LC Istanbul

Event: LC Istanbul Rocks

Event type: Exchange

Dates: 14th March - 21th March 2020

Number of participants: 16

Participation fee: 75€

Deadline for application:  9th February 2020, 23:59 CET

Applications: click

E-mail for contact: istanbul@eestec.net


Dear EESTECers,

Once upon a time, in the ages that while LC Istanbul was being founded and the lands of Istanbul were in the peace and welfare. There was an EESTECer living who is brave, young but also as powerful as she is not aware of the limits of power she has. Over the many years, despite her immortality, she has been starting to lose the control of her power increasingly. In the end, for keeping up the miraculous potency of the Istanbul, the city which assembles the two continents as one and the precious of many kingdoms, she has made a crucial decision. She has imprisoned all the power of her in a just one magical rock, the "SOUL ROCK". According to rumors, because of that it was being very hard to restrain power of the rock eventually, six other powerful and stalwart EESTECers have been sent from LC Istanbul to protect Istanbul and ensure the serenity of livings in it. In order to prevent rock from being falling into wrong hands, they have divided it to six pieces and hidden them at different places in Istanbul. After then each EESTECer has been starting to protect one of the rocks. Throughout the centuries, the EESTECers have revealed all their strength in order to keep Istanbul as it has become. But one day, the dark warlocks has tracked down the rocks and decided to consume their power and demolish all the Istanbul.

The legend says that, in these lands which is still under effect of the magic of the soul rock, the chosen ones who are going to manage to gather those six rocks and make them as one again, will achieve to renew the power of it, and get rewarded by EESTECer sublimity. Therefore, as we are the magicians of EESTEC LC Istanbul have a call for you to collect these hidden rocks which are sacred as they are important, with having an unforgettable week in Istanbul. The rocks are waiting for to be found by your hands in different places at all over Istanbul. You are going to be completing various challenges and quests with your group and looking forward to discover the rocks while feeling the mysterious and exciting environment of Istanbul to fullest. The one who is reading this legend! Yes, you! We know you can be the chosen one! If you also believe yourself and want to have a great week in Istanbul full of adventure and mystery. Save Istanbul from the anger of warlocks.