IMW: CiapaR.IoT - JLC Milan, LC Munich

Deadline: 10.11.2019

IMW: CiapaR.IoT - JLC Milan, LC Munich

Deadline: 10.11.2019

Još niste sigurni da li aplicirati na neki od aktuelnih internacionalnih događaja? Siguran sam da će vam međunarodni motivacioni vikend CiapaR.IoT u Milanu, tačnije u planinama blizu jezera Como (talijanska najpopularnija turistička destinacija), oblast Bavarije, zapasti za oko i nagnati da pošaljete svoje motivaciono pismo za prijavu. Naše kolege iz JLC Milana zajedno sa LC Minhenom vrijedno rade kako bi vam nakon radionice R.IoT priuštili IMW za pamćenje, koji će biti održan od 6. do 8. decembra. Rok za prijave je 8. novembar, u 23:59h.

Više informacija u nastavku.


Organizing Committee​: JLC Milan, LC Munich

Event:​ CiapaR.IoT

Event type​: IMW

Dates​: 6th December- 8th December 2019

Number of participants​: 20

Participation fee​: 70€

Deadline for application​: 8th November 2019, midnight


E-mail for contact:​


Mamma mia, pizzeria...these are one of the most famous known words in italian, right?

Time to learn knew ones! "​Ciaparat​" is probably the most iconic phrase in milanese dialect.

What does it mean?

Well, you could google it... OR you can ​come to our IMW​ and ask one of us!

The weekend will take place in the mountains near​ Lake Como ​(we are tremendously sorry, but a meet and greet with George Clooney is not included in the fee).

You won't just learn new italian words, but you'll also eat and learn how to cook some typical italian dishes as well!

And if you always wanted to know what these strange people in Bavaria eat, the answers to these questions will be at this amazing IMW!

Also, we're more than ready for all kinds of weather:

Amazing sunny day? We have a football and volleyball field outside of the house and we can go for a hike in the mountains nearby

It rains? We have wide spaces inside the house to chill with foosball, table tennis, music and hot drinks

It snows? Brace yourself, a snowball fight is coming

An asteroid hits the Earth? ...ok MAYBE not all kinds of weather, but anyway... 

Get ready for​ CiapaR.IoT!

LC Munich and JLC Milan are waiting for you!