Operacioni događaj: T.O.O.L.: Boostcamp 3 - LC Izmir

Deadline: 01.11.2019

Operacioni događaj: T.O.O.L.: Boostcamp 3 - LC Izmir

Deadline: 01.11.2019

EESTECer si koji konstantno želi za sebe napredak i koristi prilike da doprinese razvoju svog lokalnog komiteta? Želiš unaprijediti rad LC-a i spreman/na si iskoristiti stečeno znanje u te svrhe? Ako je odgovor na ova pitanja DA, onda si idealan potencijalni učesnik operacionog eventa T.O.O.L.: Boostcamp 3 u organizaciji LC Izmira

Učešće je besplatno, broj mjesta je ograničen, prijave traju do 1. novembra, a sam event će biti održan u periodu 13.-20. decembra ove godine. Posjetite prelijepu tursku metropolu Izmir, upoznajte nove ljude, steknite znanje o Event i Project Management-u, Public Relations, Fundraising i mnogim drugim usko vezanim stvarima bitnih kako za vas tako i za EESTEC. 

Više detalja u nastavku.


Organizing LC: LC Izmir

Event: T.O.O.L. Boostcamp 3

Event type: Operational

Dates: 13/12/2019 to 20/12/2019

Number of participants: 16

Participation fee: 0€

Deadline for application: 01/11/2019 23:59 CEST

Applications: HERE

E-mail for contact: boostcamp@eestec.net


Dear EESTECers,

It is our great pleasure to announce the third edition of our operational event: T.O.O.L. Boostcamp.

If you are one of the EESTECers who are constantly seeking for improvement and taking opportunities to contribute to your branch's growth, Boostcamp is the place for you to be.

The vision of this event is to transfer Organizational Management oriented knowledge to the branches that need it the most, whilst inspiring the individual participants to actively lead their local boards and branches. During the event, participants will have a unique opportunity to establish strategies in order to reach their goals and participate in simulations that will ease their further actions. They will be introduced to various techniques and tools which help manage resources and lead their branches.

The agenda of the event will be created based on participants’ and branches’ needs. It may include topics such as:

    ● EESTEC Awareness and Branch Assessment

    ● Motivation, Recruitment, Human Resources

    ● Event and Project Management

    ● Public Relations and Fundraising

    ● Knowledge Transfer and Handover

The main goal of the event is to boost the branches in their local work, thus active members, who are ready to implement gained knowledge, are strongly encouraged to apply. In the selection process, the main criteria will be the motivational letter and the general situation in the branch of the applicant. To apply, you need to download, fill this FORM and send it to boostcamp[at]eestec[dot]net.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on boostcamp[at]eestec[dot]net.

PS: For those who are interested in applying, keep in mind that there will also be an IMW right after Boostcamp.