Ljetna razmjena: Exchangers: Restart the summer - LC Podgorica

Deadline: 11.07.2019

Ljetna razmjena: Exchangers: Restart the summer - LC Podgorica

Deadline: 11.07.2019

Donosimo vam još jednu lijepu vijest. LC Podgorica priprema ljetnu razmjenu od 15. do 21. augusta ove godine. Očekuje vas dosta dobrog provoda, druženja, uživanja u suncu i moru na plažama Kotora. Pripremite se da restartujete ljeto. Imat ćete osjećaj kao da je vrijeme stalo!

Prijaviti se možete najkasnije do 11. jula, u 23:59h, a više informacija možete pronaći u nastavku. Također, sve nejasnoće i pitanja u vezi razmjene možete slati na mail cp@eestec-sa.ba.


Organising LC: Podgorica

Event: Exchangers: Restart the summer

Event type: Exchange

Dates: 15. 08. 2019. -  21. 08. 2019.

Number of participants: 10

Participation fee: 45€

Deadline for application: 11. 07. 2019., 23:59 CEST

E-mail for contact: podgorica@eestec.net


Hello Exchangers!

How many times you have just wanted to press the big red button and restart the entire summer? LC Podgorica can teach you how to do that.

If you are ready to learn some of the traditional Montenegrin superpowers like slowing the time by just doing nothing, making two things out of one or simply beating the time which is passing by making it irrelevant (using huge quantities of alcohol) -> you are at the right place!

To most Montenegrins, these superpowers are given by birth, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible for foreigners to learn them. In contrary, most people get used to it very quickly. There is something special in air for sure, or in the sky which is "nowhere so blue as above Montenegro". 

Maybe the reason lays in Montenegrin cuisine, which has well known Balkan taste, but with the addition of some local dishes only possible to try here. 

Montenegrin nightlife can also be blamed. From kafanas (one of the greatest Balkan inventions) to clubs, you can find everything here.

Maybe the thing is in alcohol made here: beer brewed in the city of beer, steel, and Rock'n'roll, rakija or wine made from grapes grown at the one of the biggest vineyards in Europe or just a huge variety of homemade wine and rakija.

Maybe the key is in famous natural wonders: the most beautiful peace of the Mediterranean sea, mountains that dominate the landscapes, clearest rivers, great lakes...

Maybe it's all about stories told in Montenegro - legends about freedom, kings, warriors, poets, artists, sportsmen, bohemians...

Magic of Montenegrin cities, especially Kotor - the base for our superhero academy, will make the magic happen in you as well. Kotor is beautiful Adriatic sea port with amazing traditional architecture with narrow streets and famous city walls.

Exchange itself will be packed with a one day trips: cruise trip in the only Mediterranean fjord, visit to the one of the most unigue mausoleums in the world, visit the towns and cities which are telling the stories of Montenegrin glorious history and much more.

In the end, we can promise you that a combination of all factors mentioned here will make one week of your life just amazing and create lifetime memories.

So what are you waiting for? Click "Apply" and your summer will restart on August the 15th!

Also, here is an unofficial package for the exchange: Unofficial package

It includes everything as official package:




Deadline for applying: Thursday 18th of July, 23:59 CEST. We will be announcing the unofficial participants list on facebook group of EESTEC.

If you have any questions please contact us: eestecpg.kontakt@gmail.com

Hope to see you soon in Kotor!