Operation: S.U.N. 2.0

Deadline: 25.05.2017

Operation: S.U.N. 2.0

Deadline: 25.05.2017
Organizing Committee: LC Patras
Event Name: Operation: S.U.N. 2.0
Dates: 10th July 2017 - 16th July 2017
Number of participants: 12
Participation fee: 0€
Deadline for application: 25th May 2017, 23:59 CEST
Applications: https://eestec.net/events/operation-sun-20

After months of careful planning and consideration, LC Patras strikes again!

Do you hear everywhere about Greek beaches? Do you want to en(jo(in))y the S.U.N.? LC Patras gives you the opportunity to spend 7 days under (with) the S.U.N.

Summer Undergraduate Nights 2.0 is this year’s iteration of our wildly successful exchange last year, and will take place in Kourouta, a place 80 km away from Patras. We are going to stay in a camping next to the sea.

However, since Kourouta is also only 40 km away from Ancient Olympia, we are including an 1-day trip there so that you have the opportunity to visit and admire the place where the Ancient Olympic Games were hosted.
Apart from that trip, we have organised a lot of activities for you like hidden treasure, olympic beach and Survivor games, beach party and some other parties.
Of course you will taste whatever traditional Greek cuisine has to offer like gyros with a lot of tzatziki sauce, souvlaki, Greek salad with feta and the world-renowed Greek drinks like ouzo, tsipouro and the Patras’ famous mavrodaphne and tentoura.

So..don’t think too much! Go for it!! APPLY NOW!!! And brace yourselves, you’re about to learn what summer in Greece is all about!
The S.U.N. will rise again!